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          Lift Tables - Vertical Double & Triple Scissors

          Simply put, EdmoLift's scissor lift tables with vertical double & triple scissors are created by equipping a single scissor lift table with a number of scissor arms assembled vertically on top of each other. This allows the user to get access to a higher height range compared to what is possible with a single scissor lift table.

          EdmoLift's vertical double and triple scissor lift tables can be used as working platforms, pallet stackers, work tables, lifts and lifts for disabled persons, to name a few applications. Compared to a traditional lift solution, EdmoLift's vertical double and triple scissor lift tables provide a rational and cost effective solution. 

          With a variety of designs and models, load capacity of between 200 kilo and 5 metric tons and a lift range from 1170 mm to 5900mm, EdmoLift can offer a very large selection of scissor lift tables. The double- & triple scissor lift tables are available in different colors, with a range of different accessories or control units - all tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer. Most models are even available in heavy duty versions if intensive operations are planned for them.

          Greater functionality can be achieved with the help of various accessories. A few examples of accessories for this product group are various chassis frames, guard rails, gates, loading flaps, limit switches, as well as different types of control unit.

          Before deciding which model and design is required, consider all aspects and conditions that the table will be operating under. Most models can be manufactured in HD-versions if they are going to be used intensively. The technical data for each model can be found on this site.


          Product features

          • Scissor lift table load capacity max 5000 kg.
          • Scissor lift table platform length from 900 mm to 5000 mm for the standard design.
          • Lift range max 5900 mm.
          • Comprehensive accessory program with possibilities for tailor-made customer solutions.
          • Complies with European safety standard EN 1570-1 - CE certified.
          • 24 V DC control unit and operating device with deadman's switch.
          • IP54 approved electrical system.
          • Safety spacing between all moving parts of the lift table.
          • Overload protection.
          • Adjustable trap prevention safety trip bars on all four sides of the platform.
          • Scissor lift tables are equipped with hose burst valves and mechanical locks for servicing and maintenance.
          • Maintenance-free bearing surface.
          • PLC control for easy adaptation for individual requirements.
          • User manual in 20 different languages.
          Løfteborde - vertikal dobbelsaks
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          This product table covers our standard products
          If you can't find a product suitable for your needs, please contact us for a customized solution.

          Popular products

          Lift Tables - Vertical Double & Triple Scissors

          The user gets access to a higher height range compared to what is possible with a single scissor lift table. 

          Model Art nr Capacity (kg) Lift stroke (mm) Lowest height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Lifting time (sec) kW Weight pack. incl. (kg) Price
          TRD 500 600330 500 1100 275 900 700 28 0,37 185
          TLD 1000 600613 1000 1600 320 1300 800 23 1,50 230
          TLD 2000 22018 2000 1600 360 1300 800 34 1,50 325
          TLD 2000B 22015 2000 1600 360 1300 1000 34 1,50 345
          TMD 1500 22013 1500 2200 400 1700 1000 46 1,50 460
          TMD 3000 33510 3000 2200 500 1700 900 50 3,00 580
          TSD 1500 33370 1500 3000 450 2200 1200 55 1,50 720
          TTD 3000 33670 3000 3300 600 2500 1300 60 3,00 1200
          TPD 3000 601319 3000 4000 700 3000 1500 80 3,00 2100
          TMT 1500 22014 1500 3300 600 1700 1000 55 1,50 580
          TST 2000 33780 2000 4500 700 2200 1200 80 3,00 1120
          TLT 1500 600851 1500 2400 500 1300 800 60 1,50 525
          TLD 1000XB 601741 1000 1600 320 1300 1000 23 1,50 250
          TPT 4000 604124 4000 6000 1000 3000 1500 104 5,50 2880
          TLD 2000XB 524835 2000 1600 360 1300 1200 34 1,50 360
          TSQ 1000 604738 1000 6000 1000 2200 1200 80 3,00 1500
          TBD 2000 611320 2000 1800 360 1500 1000 34 1,50 425
          TAD 2000 611666 2000 2550 450 2000 900 59 1,50 630
          TTD 4000 89037 4000 3000 700 2500 1500 63 5,50 950
          TXD 8000 89038 8000 5000 1100 4000 2500 106 2x5,50 4600

          Lift table improves maintenance work on air crafts

          Servicing of aircrafts at Arlanda Airport in Sweden is now made easier with the help of this truck equipped with a vertical double scissor lift table TXD 4000 mounted on the back of it.

          More than 120000 aircrafts landed at Arlanda Airport during 2017. Just like any other vehicle, an aircraft needs maintenance work every now and then. To make the work easier EdmoLift got to be a part of developing a truck that has vertical double scissor lift table of the model TXD 4000 mounted on the back of it. The installation was done by Sala Kaross AB.  





          Controls and test runs in our assembly

          At EdmoLift, we take pride in delivering smart solutions and knowing that we have done everything in our power to ensure that our customers get what they need. This is done through our quality assurance process. 

          Before we deliver any of our lift tables to a customer the lift table has to go through multiple tests. Partly to see that the unique customizations that a customer has wished for is fulfilled, but also to see that all of the requirements and specifications in shape of international standards and rules under which we create products are fulfilled. Everything from the speed of the lift table’s lift- and lowering function to emergency stops and max capacity are tested intensively in our assembly facilities before they are shipped to a customer. In the picture you see a vertical triple scissor table of the model TST 2000 that goes through its last set of tests before its trip to a new home. 


          Lift table reinforces the safety at sea!

          It is not only within industries that our smart lifting solutions are useful. They can be of help in other areas of life as well.

          When accidents happen at sea the rescuers need to be able to quickly get out to the people involved. After injured people have been saved onboard the rescuers’ boat and taken care of by the staff only one problem remains, to get the people out of the boat up on land and sometimes even to the hospital. As different heights of docks in relation to the boat and sea level often have caused problems in critical stages, EdmoLift received the task to create an adapted lift table of the model TMD 1500. The table is installed in the stern of the boat to facilitate the work, and give the rescuers and the medical personnel an opportunity to safely move injured people on and off the boat.



          A TLD 1000 Increases the efficiency of a production line

          A great example of when efficency and worker safety goes hand in hand.

          A customer within the car industry wanted to make its production line more efficient. They wanted to create a station in which engine gearboxes to cars could be lifted up and then mounted together with the cars’ suspension on the cars’ bodies. Hand in hand with increasing the efficiency of the production line was the goal of increasing the workers’ safety. We could assist them with a solution to their need by providing them with a double scissor lift table of the model TLD 1000, equipped with a wheel chassis and a wire mesh to increase the safety of the operators!





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