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        Case studies

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          54 scissor lift tables to Witzenmann in Spain!

          Witzenmann is a global group specialising in the design and manufacture of flexible metal elements. With 24 Companies in 19 countries Witzenmann is the worldwide leader within their industry. Guided by their vision of “managing flexibility”, the company has become renowned as a reliable manufacturer and as the innovative development partner of choice within the industry.


          After more than doubling their production over the last five years the internal logistics couldn’t provide the assemble workers with material fast enough which caused undesirable interruptions in the manufacturing process. Another problem was that the workers picked assembly details directly from pallets at floor level, creating a poor ergonomic working environment for the employees.

          The solution was to redesign the process in their feedline to milkrun trains in combination with lifting tables.

          EdmoLift has previously been involved in similar projects together with major companies in the automotive industry. Now, however, the trend seems to be for smaller companies in the manufacturing industry to also adapt the concept. So far, 26 single scissor lift tables have been installed and the project will ultimately include a total of 54 units, each station consisting of three lifting tables, one for unloading, one for pickup and one as a workstation. In addition to an improved “flow” in the internal logistics where the workers do not have to wait for material, the feedback we received so far is that they now have better ergonomics at their workstations. They have also seen a decline in sick leave caused by heavy lifting and strain injuries.


          Over 300 employees work in three-shifts 6 days a week.


          Even light lifts can lead to strain injuries if they are continously repeated.


          Previously they used forklifts and hand pallet trucks to move material.


          When the project is complete, a total of 54 lifting tables will be in place at the factory.


          Each station consists of three lifting tables, one for unloading, one for pickup and one as a workstation.


          Milkrun trains retrieves and leaves material at the various workstations.


          The Lifting tables are specially designed to fit the trolleys.


          Customized TR 500

          The lifting tables used by WITZENMANN have been specially designed to work optimally with the trolleys in their milkrun train concept.



          • Optimal flow in the production

          • Increased productivity and efficiency

          • Enhanced ergonomics

          • Less sick leave due to strain injuries