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          The digital journey continues! 2021-03-19

          Digital FAT works excellently

          The method has been so successful that EdmoLift will introduce it as a permanent procedure.


          A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a test that a vendor and purchaser conduct together before delivery in order to ensure that everything works according to the specification and meets the customer’s requirements. EdmoLift does not conduct a FAT on individual products, but only when a customer has ordered complete functional solutions.


          Recently, a FAT was conducted together with Volvo Car for precisely such a functional solution. The complex system includes our HDL 2000, EdmoLift’s most powerful lift, which is capable of continuous work under maximum load for at least 512,000 cycles. Normally the customer would have sent a delegation of safety technicians, ergonomics specialists and safety representatives to the workshop in Härnösand to go through everything from functions to safety devices in detail. Instead, the entire test was broadcasted using Microsoft Teams.


          - We go through everything according to a detailed FAT protocol, so it is exactly the same test that we would have completed if all participants had been physically present, says Mikael Fernlund, Sales Manager for the Nordic countries at EdmoLift.


          The experience of performing FAT as a digital live broadcast has been very positive, both for EdmoLift and its customers. Mikael Fernlund can only see benefits with the solution.


          - At the beginning, with it was about minimising the risk of infection during the pandemic, but we now also see that this is a smooth and effective way of implementing a FAT. The fact that the customer delegation does not have to travel means that the customer saves money and reduces its environmental impact, so what was originally an emergency solution has proven to be a very good way of working. We will continue to offer this option even after the pandemic has subsided.


          Are you interested in FAT, design briefings or project meetings using Teams, Skype or other digital meeting platforms?



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