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          Quality management audit at EdmoLift in April: A proof of quality and sustainability 2024-05-13


          EdmoLift recently underwent a quality management audit of the FR2000 with favourable results. FR2000 is a standard focusing on management systems in the areas of quality, environment, and work environment. The careful examination of processes and systems determined that EdmoLift met the requirements in all areas.

          The FR2000 standard is based on the principles of ISO standards 9001, 14001, and ISO 45001 (, encompassing requirements from policies and goals to internal audits and improvement processes. For EdmoLift, a leading actor in lifting tables and material handling, this is an important part of the commitment to quality and sustainability.

          Audits of this type are conducted annually, with a full revision every three years to ensure companies continue to meet the requirements set in FR2000. The audit in early April marked the twelfth time EdmoLift's work and systematics were reviewed to ensure compliance with the standard's requirements. It is an extensive process but essential to ensure compliance.

          Jan Eriksson, Environmental and Sustainability Manager, and Andreas Ekman, Quality Technician, were present throughout the two-day process. During the audit, all aspects of the company's operations were thoroughly examined, with each department at EdmoLift contributing by explaining their work and providing the auditor with a comprehensive overview.

          Jan emphasizes the importance of the audit, stating it is an opportunity to showcase the company's commitment to, and progress in, quality and sustainability. The audit allows us to reflect on our processes and systems, thereby identifying potential areas for improvement. It is also an opportunity to receive feedback and guidance to continue the work, he adds.

          Following the review, it became evident that EdmoLift was approved and meets the requirements of the FR2000 standard. This outcome is proof of the company's dedication to maintaining high standards in the areas of quality, environment, and working environment. It not only demonstrates the ability to meet requirements but also the commitment and drive to continue maintaining and developing processes and systems.

          Of course, it is gratifying to receive confirmation that we have a solid structure and control over our processes, both as a team and as a company. This is crucial to ensuring high quality and sustainability in everything we do, Jan concludes.