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          New WP range launched! 2021-04-05

          EdmoLift expands its range of Work Positioners

          - There has been a great deal of interest and we have seen a clear increase in the sales of WP trolleys, says CEO Anders Wahlqvist.


          Work positioners are already part of the company’s portfolio. These are agile, easy-to-move and flexible lift trolleys that can be used to improve ergonomics in a wide range of operations, including lifting and transport.


          Now the product range has been complemented by WP ONE and WP by EdmoLift.


          WP ONE is the affordable standard lift trolley, which, with a lifting capacity of 70 kg and three tools, covers the most common applications of WP trolleys; to lift, move and position various types of objects in a simple and safe way.


          In addition, the trolley comes in a flat package that customers can assemble themselves in just ten minutes. Easy, environmentally friendly and cost-effective!




          The WP by EdmoLift range consists of four more advanced lift trolleys with lifting capacities of 130 and 200 kg respectively. The trolleys are manufactured to the highest reliability and performance requirements, enabling the operator to lift, transport and position heavy objects under perfect ergonomic conditions.


          But the WPs by EdmoLift can also be customized. With a very wide range of tools and accessories, such as different platforms, canister tippers, v-cradles and control units, the WP by EdmoLift range of lift trolleys is some of the most universal and robust on the market. Whether the task is picking up and setting down heavy machine parts, lifting crates with components or transporting heavy rolls, the WP by EdmoLift trolleys can be easily adapted to the customer’s needs.


          Previous WP lift trolleys from EdmoLift have been manufactured by subcontractors, but WP by EdmoLift is being built at EdmoLift’s facility in Härnösand, where the majority of the company’s products are already manufactured and assembled.



          – We have a great deal of confidence in this segment, and above all we believe in increased opportunities to be able to customize the WP trolleys. And by making manufacture a home game, we achieve better control. When production takes place in Härnösand, we expect to be able to both shorten lead times and offer more competitive prices for customized trolleys. As we now control the entire supply chain, it will also be a clearer incentive for us to market and sell the WP trolleys, says CEO Anders Wahlqvist.


          In recent years, EdmoLift’s sales of work positioners have remained stable at around 400 lift trolleys annually. Anders Wahlqvist expects these figures to rise. WP ONE and WP by EdmoLift are included in the 2021 product catalogue and were launched to partners and retailers in March, but sales figures are already starting to point upwards.


          - We have seen a clear increase in sales during the first month alone and this reinforces our view that the initiative is right. Work positioners are an important business area with great potential. One of the greatest job-related challenges for companies across Europe is still that their staff works in very poor ergonomic conditions. Repetitive lifting and movements, heavy loads and long-term strenuous working positions mean that workers are at high risk of suffering from muscular and skeletal diseases. Of course, this does not only apply to the EU, but also worldwide. However, a lifting solution like the lift trolley creates very efficient and ergonomic working environment for workers. And as businesses become more aware of the incredible profits that an investment in an ergonomic lifting solution generates, the greater the need for work positioners.


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