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          New product: Movexx MD1000 2021-06-22

          MD1000 meets the market demand!

          New technological solutions in many industries can make internal logistics both more efficient and safer.


          Many companies have been working on phasing out the forklift trucks as work tools for internal logistics for many years. The trucks are often inefficient and are the cause of many workplace accidents every year.


          Instead, the market is increasingly moving toward different types of tugs that can move goods on pallet trucks or other trolleys. Castors make the trolleys easy to move, but one problem so far has been that when they are connected as a tugger train or milk run train, they tend to start turning from side to side when the trolleys start to move and they become difficult to maneuver.


          - Normally, a trolley needs at least one fixed wheel to allow it to run smoothly, but with the Movexx MD1000 and its support legs, that need no longer exists. Even a train where all trolleys have four castors is smooth and easy to handle, says Mikael
          Fernlund, Sales Manager for the Nordic countries.


          The tug can be operated on both the short side and the long side of the trolley and can tow loads of up to 1,000 kilos. Designed for optimum ergonomics, the MD1000 is a multi-purpose tool with a very wide application.


          - The MD1000 is a very good solution for all companies whose internal logistics use pallet trucks, or other trolleys, fitted with castors – and there are many of them, says Mikael Fernlund.



          EdmoLift is the general agent for Movexx in the Nordic countries, but can also sell MD1000 and other Movexx tugs to other countries if the tug is part of a package with other EdmoLift products.



          See our Movexx range!