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          New product: HDA 2000 2021-08-04


          New category 5 table in the standard range

          In 2019, EdmoLift announced what was probably the world’s first category 5 hydraulic lift table to be included in a standard range, the HDL 2000. The next table in the heavy duty range is now being launched.


          The demand for lifting tables that can withstand harsh environments and intensive operation is increasing, but very few products meet the toughest classification, category 5 of the EN 1570-1 lifting table standard. EdmoLift now offers two category 5 tables in its standard range.


          - Development is at the heart of our business. We always want to be ahead of the game and be the market leader, and when it comes to hydraulic scissor lift tables, we believe that is where we are at today, says EdmoLift’s Design Manager, Hans Vikström.


          EdmoLift has great faith in the category 5 lifting table market and is now building a full heavy duty range, based on a basic design that can be easily converted into new products. Basically, there is a scissor structure that consists of two interconnected scissors with laser-cut flat-iron frames and maintenance-free bearings in all joints.


          The result is a lifting table that, with minimal maintenance, can handle at least 512,000 cycles of continuous operation at maximum load, which in this case means 2,000 kg. The structure makes the design strong and very stable in all directions.


          It is an extremely high-quality product that is particularly suitable for automated production lines operating 24 hours a day, and operations-sensitive environments where downtime in production would prove to be very costly. One of the stated goals of the heavy duty series is to establish itself among system builders who develop automated lines for large customers.


          The HDA 2000 has a minimum height of 230 millimetres and a lift stroke of 1,300 millimetres. The basic platform is 2,000 x 900 mm.


          - As with many of EdmoLifts’ products, customers are offered a lot of possibilities to customize their lift tables. Of course, it is always possible to build customized solutions from scratch, but now that we have standard models that can be modified, it makes customization easier and therefore also cheaper for the customer, says Hans Vikström.


          The work on the next lifting table in the heavy duty range from EdmoLift has already begun. The model will be sized between the HDL 2000 and the HDA 2000.



          See the HDA 2000!