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          Meet our new financial assistant Frida Paindelli 2022-01-20


          Frida Paindelli

          Born and raised in Härnösand, Sweden, Frida has quite the international experience from traveling around the world but are working at EdmoLift in Härnösand since the beginning of August, 2021. 


          - I was born and raised in Härnösand, moved pretty soon after graduating from my Economics studies at high school and left town for Oslo where I lived seasonally for 6 years to save up money to fund my travel abroad. I also spent 3 winter seasons in Åre. After 6 years I joined the retail course at Falun and studied there for a few years and graduated in business administration. Then I moved to Stockholm for a change, but found out pretty quickly that living there wasn’t for me, so I moved home to Härnösand, where I got a temporary position at Åhléns that I applied for, and that was the way here.


          Frida, who enjoys high speed skiing downhill, preferably with a snowboard under her feet, spent much of her free time on the slopes at Åre. She is now 35 years old and has bought a house in Gånsvik with her partner a year ago that will need a great deal of renovation.


          - It is usually my partner who does the carpentry work, we could say that I’m the one who takes care of planning (laughter!). But it’s been an exciting year in many ways, and there was not so much snowboarding last winter season. But this Christmas we will take a trip to Åre and then in the spring we are looking forward to going to Vårdkasbacken with the family.

          At the same time as all the carpentry and planning, they have watched little Annie, the couple’s daughter, learning to both crawl and walk. She has two colleagues in the finance department and is enjoying her new workplace.


          - I’m enjoying it a lot! I have had a very warm welcome and it feels like a small, family business, while still being a large company.