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          Internship as a Work Environment Engineer at EdmoLift: Real Experience in the Field 2023-05-16

          Stefan has a background as a teacher and has worked in the education sector for 33 years. He has taught subjects like mathematics and physical education but has also been involved in the world of sports. He has long been interested in work environment, but the decision to pursue an education in this field was sparked when he worked as a chief safety representative. We spend a lot of time at work, and our entire time is affected by the work environment, says Stefan.

          Soon, he will have completed his first year of studies focusing on laws and regulations, which he is now putting into practice.

          EdmoLift manufactures and delivers scissor lift tables, pallet handling products, and materials handling aids worldwide. Here nearly 100 people work, and it is under supervision of Jan Eriksson, the Environmental and Quality Manager, in the Quality Department, Stefan is doing his internship. 


          An internship at EdmoLift provides real-world experience in the field of work environment

          Stefan at his desk at EdmoLift

          A typical day during the internship involves various tasks related to work environment, including being present in the operations and participating in the safety committee. The tasks are also linked to two specific assignments for the period: developing an annual plan for the work environment efforts and starting to outline internal training on work environment from different perspectives.

          At the time of writing, more than halfway through the internship, the annual plan is in place and aims to facilitate work environment efforts, according to Jan. The plan includes descriptions of the tasks that need to be done and when. In addition to the daily tasks, Stefan will continue working on the internal training for the remaining part of the internship, which has made progress and gained new perspectives.

          Both Jan and Stefan agree that the work environment efforts are never truly finished and emphasize the need for continuous efforts.

          Stefan shares that he has been given freedom to explore the role of a Work Environment Engineer and that during his time at EdmoLift, he has gained a broader understanding of the field. He sees advantages in not having previous experience in the industry and has had the opportunity to ask questions, which has also contributed to that those he has interviewed have had to think more deeply. Many times, we do things without much thought he says.



          Work environment in the manufacturing industry

          After the internship weeks, Stefan has gained awareness of the industry's complexity and continues by saying that it has been very beneficial to do the internship at EdmoLift to gain a broader perspective. There are more health risks and hazards to consider in the manufacturing industry than in other types of businesses. It becomes evident in the manufacturing industry how important protective mechanisms are, he says.

          Being an intern at EdmoLift: Valuable collaboration and broader perspective
          When Jan answers the question about his experience during the internship period, he says it has been rewarding and sees great value in having interns to highlight work environment, as in this case. I have been well received and have expanded my knowledge, concludes Stefan.

          Before Stefan begins the second year of his education at Yrkeshögskolan in Sundsvall, he has a couple of weeks of summer job at EdmoLift.