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          HKIG Trainee Program explored EdmoLift! 2018-10-01

          One way of performing knowledge sharing is by communicating gathered knowledge to a group of people who could use it. EdmoLift has existed for over 50 years and continuously grown bigger. We have gone through many phases on our journey to become one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of high quality lift solutions. On this journey, we have accumulated lots of knowledge about anything from product development and streamline production, to setting up foreign subsidiaries and running an international company. Therefore, we were happy to have HKIGs (Höga Kusten Inudstri Grupp) Trainee Program on a visit last Thursday. 12 trainees from the program got to meet EdmoLift and learn more about the topic product development.

          Hans Vikström from EdmoLift is part of the program and was responsible for the visit. His career at EdmoLift started, like many other of our employees, in production.

          When did you start at EdmoLift?
          I started at EdmoLift about 14 years ago, and my first role was in production as a machine operator. Then after a couple of years, the person responsible for preparing special orders was about to retire, and EdmoLift created an internal trainee program that its employees could apply to in order to replace that position. I applied and got accepted. There were a lot of new things that I had to become familiar with, and I went through many in-company trainings where I for example learned how to work with CAD (Computer-Aided Design). I have always tried to continue to learn more in whatever role I’m in, and at EdmoLift I’ve always had the opportunity to grow and challenge myself.

          Today, Hans Vikström works as Head of Design and Construction
          My role now is to be responsible for that EdmoLift continues to improve its current products, while also creating new ones. It is a fun role, where you always have to be creative and understand what the market wants and where it is heading, but also to understand what is actually possible and profitable. I think that my time at EdmoLift where I’ve worked in different areas has helped me a lot to get a deep understanding about the processes that take place in developing an idea to an actual product. Another exciting part of my work is that I am representing EdmoLift in the European Committee that establishes and revises lift table standards. The mission of the committee is to create coherent regulations in Sweden, Europe and the World regarding lift tables. This, to limit the risk of injuries, promote safe use through product requirements, get information about international trends within the area, and facilitate free trade within Europe. It helps us at EdmoLift to influence the development of our industry to the better.

          How did you get in contact with HKIG’s Trainee Program?
          Anders Wahlqvist, CEO at EdmoLift, had heard about the program and thought that it would be an interesting thing for me to join. I guess he had talked to Mia Wester, and when I got the question to be a part of the program I happily accepted.

          What have you got to do during the program?
          We have had gatherings at different companies within the region where we have gotten to learn more about the processes that they go through. Since there are many different companies located here, both in terms of size and age but also in terms of what industry they operate within, it has been really interesting to learn about the differences and similarities between us. What I probably enjoy the most with the program is the insight that you get from other companies and exchange of competences you get from meeting people that work with different things than myself. We can all learn from each other, and you can get good ideas about how to improve in your own line of work. I highly recommend anyone who gets the opportunity to join!

          What was on the agenda when the program visited EdmoLift?
          The day was dedicated to the topic Product Development. The trainees got a company presentation of EdmoLift, how we have existed and developed our products for over 50 years, and a tour of our company. This was all linked to our production development process in which the focus was put on how an idea is developed into an actual complete product. To illustrate this, a real-life example of our LTT 750 was used that allowed the trainees to better understand how it actually works. 

          HKIG Trainee Program
          The program started in 2017, and is an incentive created to provide key people in leading technology companies in the High Coast region an opportunity to grow and develop in their profession. We talked to Mia Wester, Project Manager at HKIG, about their Trainee Program.

          Why did you start the Trainee Program?
          The reason for why we started the Trainee Program at HKIG is because we wanted to offer key people in our member organizations something beyond their regular work. The program that we provide gives the trainees an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills, share and enhance their competences, and develop their professional network.

          How do you do this?
          During the program, the trainees get a mix of theory and practice in areas like leadership, marketing, logistics, purchasing and economics. This is done through our Trainee gatherings, in which members of our program go out and meet companies in our industry group. Most of the time either a CEO, CMO or another person in a key position meets our group of trainees to talk to them about their organization and teaches them about specific areas. We want to enable our trainees to learn from the best, while we also give our member organizations an opportunity to meet talented young people within the region.

          Who are your trainees and how do you become one?
          The trainees come from technical backgrounds, either through education or through work, were a majority of them are engineers. The Trainee Program is for newly recruited- and already employed people that have a key role in their respective company’s strategy. Right now we have 18 trainees from 12 different companies within HKIG participating in our program. We have a continuous recruiting process, and a trainee is part of the program for two years.

          What is the goal with the Trainee Program?
          Our goal is that the Trainee Program will maintain talented people within the High Coast region while also attracting new talent. We have many interesting companies in many different industries located in this region, so whatever type of career you want to pursue, there is usually an option for you! It is an exciting journey that we have started, and we are very grateful for all of the current trainees that are part of our program. We want our region to grow and be an attractive option on the labor market, and we are always looking for more people to join the Trainee Program.

          To learn more about HKIG, other member organizations, or the HKIG Trainee Program, please visit their website.

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