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          EdmoLift ranks among the top 8% in sustainability according to EcoVadis 2023-02-08

          For the ninth year in a row, EdmoLift has been awarded a gold medal for its exceptional sustainability efforts. EdmoLift is thus ranked among the top 8% of over 100,000+ global companies' CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

          Quality and environment have always been highly prioritised at EdmoLift. An area worked with for a long time. In later years, focus has been directed at energy consumption, environment, and working environment, but also the ethical part included in the analysis work.

          - Receiving a gold medal for our sustainability efforts is very joyful. It is proof that we work sustainably and are doing the right thing, says Jan Eriksson, Quality and Environment Manager at EdmoLift.

          Over the years, EdmoLift has taken several steps towards becoming more environmentally friendly, but also to improve and secure the working environment for operators. One of the most extensive changes was the filtration of washing- and rinsing water in the powder coating facility, which was deployed in 2018 and came with several benefits.

          - Among other things, the purity of the water where we pH-adjust the wash water when changing (to pH 7) to ensure that we do not have acidic or alkaline water. In this way, the operator, as well as the supplier collecting the wash water, have a safe working environment. The emptying of the process water was also reduced from three to four times a year to approximately once a year. We also installed an automatic chemical dosing which is generally managed automatically, and today is with a phosphate-free detergent, Jan explains.

          Moreover, EdmoLift has, among other things, invested in two heat exchangers for heating the wash water, which results in lower energy consumption, as well as a powder that hardens at lower temperatures. In addition, EdmoLift work to find alternative green chemicals and continuous improvement measures.

          - CSR is a broad and important area that we work with daily. Companies have a great responsibility both towards employees and the environment. The focus for us going forward is concentrated on developing working methods, analysing measures, and documenting data that will be the basis for future reports, Jan concludes

          Ecovadis is a leading analysis company in sustainability and helps companies become more sustainable, ethical, and responsible. Ecovadis rates companies according to 21 sustainability criteria that follow international CSR standards and offers tools for further improvement.

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