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          EdmoLift launches search and order page for spare parts 2021-12-22


          Find EdmoLift’s spare parts easily on-line!

          The site allows you to find photos of, and information about, the most common spare parts. You can also send requests to EdmoLift directly via the website.

          - As our products have been on the market for almost 60 years, we see an increased need for spare parts every year. At the same time, many of our customers service their products regularly to reduce the risk of long downtimes due to major repairs. We are pleased to see that this means that our products’ lifetimes are extended, which in turn contributes to long-term sustainability, explains Henrik Tjernberg at EdmoLift.


          The new website,, is divided into three main categories, with subcategories that allow you to navigate easily to the right type of spare parts. The site also features a search function that can be used for free text searches or to search directly by part number if you know the number of the spare part you are looking for.


          Each spare part also shows whether it is a part that we usually have in stock or not. To make it as convenient as possible to submit a request, the site has a function similar to a shopping basket, just like the one you use in a web shop. Once you have put your spare parts in your shopping basket, you can use the form on the site to send the order form directly to EdmoLift’s B2B group. If you do not wish to send your request via the site, you can press a button to copy the shopping basket to the clipboard and send it yourself by regular e-mail to or to one of our retailers.


          The site cannot display all of the spare parts specified for a specific product model because many of EdmoLift’s products are customised and many product models have changed over time as product improvements have been introduced. This means that older models do not necessarily contain exactly the same components as the newer models, which means that EdmoLift cannot print the exact model designations that the parts fit.


          - Our idea is that a customer who needs to replace a spare part should be able to easily identify it by using the pictures and information that can be found on the site. If the customer is unsure, it is a good idea to send the serial number of the product that the part is for, so that we can double check and guarantee that the part we provide is the right one, concludes Henrik.


          At launch there are 275 spare parts posted. Our goal is for that to double within a year. Text content, pictures and new items will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.


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