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          EdmoLift celebrates 60 years of smart lifting solutions in 2024 2024-01-02

          EdmoLift, a leading manufacturer and supplier of lifting solutions, is celebrating a special occasion. 2024 marks an important milestone in the company's development and celebrates over 60 successful years in the industry. The actual anniversary occurs on April 1.

          For six decades, EdmoLift has strengthened its position as a reliable partner in the lifting industry and continues to deliver high-quality products to customers worldwide. A success that has been made possible through a dedicated team and the customers' trust in the company over the years.

          This not only marks six decades of success but also a period of renewal. To symbolize our forward-looking vision, we present a new emblem for 2024 which will play a meaningful role in our identity in the years to come.

          To share our joy and gratitude with employees, partners and customers, various initiatives are planned throughout the year. This includes, among other things, several opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of EdmoLift’s smart lifting solutions and how they can streamline lifting needs across different industries. 

          Anders Wahlqvist, CEO of EdmoLift Group, reflects on the company’s 60-year success and expresses delight in the impressive journey. “Reaching 60 is a significant milestone, infused with pride. It has been an experience filled with achievements and partnerships that we look forward to sharing. With gratitude and joy, we look back on the successful years and anticipate continuing our journey”.  

          For more information, please contact:

          Jonathan Grip, Chief Business Development Officer
          +46 (0)611 837 95

          Download the new emblem: 

          Below are two variations of the emblem to download as a .zip file. One anniversary emblem with the number 60 and the other one with the year 1964.

          EdmoLift 60 year anniversary emblem EdmoLift emblem