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          EdmoLift and LiftPro Nordic announces strategic cooperation! 2018-11-07


          Today, Swedish EdmoLift AB announced that they are taking an important shareholder position in LiftPro Nordic AB that will result in a strategic partnership going forward. The partnership provides both companies with a comprehensive range of smart and price-competitive material handling solutions for domestic and international markets.

          This partnership enables EdmoLift to add a wide range of goods lifts into their product portfolio and increase the production and sales of large customized models of lift tables at competitive prices. Furthermore, it provides an important geographical location from where EdmoLift will have better access to the European continent. At the same time, it gives LiftPro Nordic access to EdmoLift’s extensive network of customers around the world and an opportunity to sell products manufactured by EdmoLift to its own chain of distributors under their own brand.

          The Norwegian company DEMANOR develops and sells lifting solutions to the Norwegian market. Together with Jan Lerfaldet Holding AS they were the initiators of establishing the Swedish company LiftPro Nordic. 

          -When our previously largest subcontractor of lift tables, BD Lift, decided to move their production from Sweden to England we realized that it could lead to potential issues for our customers and for us at DEMANOR. It was unknown how the move would affect delivery times, delivery costs and the overall prices on products. Therefore we decided to take matters in our own hands, and established a new modern production unit in Landskrona during the summer of 2018 to manufacture and deliver smart solutions of the highest quality, says Håvard Hopen, CEO of DEMANOR AS.

          - It is a long-term investment that we are confident will be beneficial for our customers moving forward. The fact that we now have a strong partner in EdmoLift, with decades of experience and knowledge about delivering smart lifting solutions to the market, ensures the bright future that we all imagine for LiftPro Nordic, says Jan Lerfaldet, CEO and owner of Jan Lerfaldet Holding AS.

          The overall market of material handling is continuing to grow, however the market for lift tables has seen little technological development over the past 20-30 years. Due to poor profitability and structural changes, many actors have run out of business. Only a few manufacturers have developed a second generation of lift tables that delivers intelligent solutions for the handling of heavy objects in a range of industrial and everyday situations. EdmoLift, with over fifty years in the business, is one of these manufacturers and have an automated and technical level of production that is second to none in the industry which grants their customers smart lifting solutions of outstanding quality and great value for their money. LiftPro Nordic has a very flexible production developed to manufacture goods lifts and large customized lift tables, and is situated in a geographically favorable location close to the European continent that allows for efficient transport costs. Hence, EdmoLift and LiftPro Nordic will benefit from each other’s strengths and take a major step toward becoming the no.1 actor on the European lift table market.

          -With the ambition of being able to meet our customers’ demands we are happy to becoming a partowner of the company and that we have secured this partnership and our mutual plans for the future. At the same time we take a step closer to continental Europe, and increase our presence on both the domestic and international market. Together with LiftPro Nordic, we are in a great position to support businesses seeking to optimize the handling and level positioning of all forms of heavy objects within production processes and material handling, says EdmoLift AB’s CEO Anders Wahlqvist.

          -In EdmoLift we have found an impressive partner that will help us grow. Our combined expertise means that we will be able to always deliver the best and smartest solutions to our customers. The partnership gives us an opportunity to spot and meet new demands in the market faster, and I expect our combined development process to produce new and enhanced products shortly. EdmoLift has always had a strong presence in the market and we are happy to join forces with them to ensure an excellent future for LiftPro Nordic, says Lennart Hansson, CEO and part owner of LiftPro Nordic AB.