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          Better adapted lorry loaders 2021-02-12

          EdmoLift has changed its view on lorry loaders

          From having mainly sold a number of standard models, each lorry loader in the range can now be combined with a variety of accessories.


          - We customise the product and save money for the customer while also delivering lift tables that are better adapted to the customer’s needs, says Tomas Edmo, business developer and sales area manager at EdmoLift.


          The lorry loaders are used at loading docks for unloading and loading vehicles and levelling out differences between vehicles and the permanent loading dock. Traditionally, this type of lifting table has had to be very robust and suitable for outdoor use, as goods transport has, with few exceptions, been carried by heavy lorries. Lifting tables have needed a lifting capacity of at least two tons and a tear plate to protect against slipping has been standard.



          Freight transport has changed and expanded. More and more goods arrive in minibuses, vans and other small vehicles, and the loading dock may be indoors. And last but not least, the goods come in different types of packing. When a customer needs a lorry loader these days, a standard model is rarely the optimal solution. This is why EdmoLift opens the door to customising its entire lorry loader lifting table manufacture.


          The standard models remain, but with our very wide range of lifting tables and accessories, and a flexible manufacturing department, the possibilities for modification are virtually infinite. We start at the customer’s needs and the environment in which the product will be used and then customize the lifting table.


          Among other things, this opens up for smaller lorry loaders. EdmoLift can now offer tables that have a lifting capacity of 500 kg all the way up to the traditional tables that lift 2–10 tons. Table sizes can now be customized from 1300 x 800 mm up to 3000 x 2400 mm – and everything in between.


          In addition, the lorry loaders can also be customized regarding the color, material and accessories, and there are many situations in which a lorry loader works much better thanks to a simple customization. For example, it is becoming more common for goods to be delivered in cage trolleys or other trolleys with small wheels that run poorly on the tear plate’s structure. However, the platform can often be painted with structural paint, which means that the trolleys are rolling better without compromising safety. What’s more, the customer saves money.


          It is also possible to select control options, set an upper limit position, add load flaps, roll-off guards, railings and gates, etc.


          - There are only benefits for the customer. Here at EdmoLift, it’s all about making ourselves even better at finding out exactly what the customer needs. But customizing lifting tables at a reasonable cost has always been EdmoLift’s strength, so it is only logical that we now make better use of our lorry loader program, concludes Tomas Edmo.



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