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          • Specifications
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          Model WP 300 SS
          Art. No. 87682
          Capacity 300 kg
          Platform max height 1448 mm
          Lowest height 148 mm
          Length 1120 mm
          Width 580 mm
          Height 1970 mm
          Platform length 600 mm
          Platform width 600 mm
          Lifting time 125 mm/sec
          Battery 24V/18Ah
          Charger 3A/24V
          Weight pack. incl. 105 kg

          Work Positioners

          Work Positioners operate with loads of up to 300 kg. Weight distribution is spread evenly over all four wheels and with the unit’s short wheelbase and light weight the Work Positioner is the safest and most maneuverable lifter on the market! A Work Positioner is an instant improvement in the working environment resulting in greater profitability for your company.

          The charger cannot overcharge the battery using an auto-cut-off function. The unit is suitable for most worldwide voltages.

          Perfect weight distribution
          Due to the lifting mast positioning at the rear of the chassis, EdmoLift's Work Positioner has near perfect weight distribution, providing unrivalled maneuverability. The 100% vertical mast eliminates problems such as platform drift found on other products.

          Compact design
          The Work Positioner features an extremely compact design which is also very easy to clean.

          Leg frames
          All models can be equipped with a variety of different leg frames and also with wider or more narrow legs. Some models come with adjustable legs. 


           Product features

          • One- or two-speed function for elevation and descent (depending on model).
          • Battery charger with auto-cut-of-function.
          • Easily customised for your specific requirements - higher lift heights, wider leg frames etc.
          • Wide range of tools and options such as platforms, reel handlers, v-cradles, control units and leg frames.
          • IP66 models.
          • Fastest lifting speed on the market – 125 and 270 mm/second.
          • Load centre 400 mm.
          Stainless steel platform

          The platform is available in different sizes up to 600x600 mm. Standard platform for WP 200, WP 200 SS and WP 300 SS.

          Jib arm with lifting hook

          Available in 600 mm and 800 mm length with or without swing +- 15°.

          Lifting fork

          Commonly used for lifting boxes, available in different sizes.

          Reel mandrel

          Available in two different lengths, 500 and 800 mm.

          Twin mandrel

          Available in different lengths and widths.

          Reel handler with motorised expansion and rotation

          Fully electric reel handler for handling reels with 3” (76 mm) core, commonly stretch film to be loaded into machines. The reel can be picked up directly from the floor or a pallet and then be rotated 90°. All expansion and release commands requires two buttons to be pressed at once as a safety precaution. Depending on Work Positioner the tool handles weights up to 200 kg.

          Drum turner with motorised grip and turning

          Full electric drum turners for handling drums and other object to be lifted and rotated. Available in models for tipping or turning and with different grippers. All grip and release commands requires two buttons to be pressed at once as a safety precaution. Handles weights up to 150 kg.

          Mandrel enlarger

          Used in combination with reel handlers. Available in two sizes, for reels with 6” (152 mm) core and for reels with 10” (254 mm) core. The mandrel enlarger is designed for quick mounting and un-mounting.

          Exchangeable battery with charger station

          Exchangeable battery is used where there’s no time waiting for the Work Positioner to be charged. The batteries can be changed quickly, includes a wall mounted charger station and two batteries.