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          • Specifications
          • Product information
          Model T1000
          Art. No. 88342
          Capacity 1000 kg
          Length 920 mm
          Width 438 mm
          Height 985 mm
          Max speed 4,7 km/h
          Battery 22Ah
          Charger 5A/24V
          Motor effect 300W
          Weight incl. battery 43 kg

          Movexx Electric Tugs


          Efficient and safe transportation of heavy weights

          Movexx electric tugs makes it easy to move heavy loads on wheels. Whether you are moving trolleys, hospital beds, industrial carts, roll containers or other objects on wheels, Movexx electric tugs makes it possible without any physical effort.

          An electric tug from Movexx moves loads across a single level. Therefore, the load has to be placed on something with wheels, such as a trolley or a scissor lift table with wheel chassis. Its operation relies on electric traction. Once the load is attached to the Movexx electric tug, it generates downward pressure on the wheel through the lever effect. Electric traction generated by this force is what makes it possible to move heavy materials.

          All electric tugs from Movexx are powered by a powerful and efficient electric motor, which changes heavy material handling into an easy and light task.

          EdmoLift is the sole distributor for Movexx electric tugs on the Nordic market.



          • Extremely user friendly, no certificate or license is needed to operate the machines.
          • Protection class IP44.
          • Wide range of accessories.
          • Speed and acceleration are programmable for free, before delivery, to suit the user’s needs.