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          Lift Tables - Single Scissor

          Our largest product group is made up of simple, yet powerful and versatile scissor lift tables. These scissor lift tables can be found in many different types operations, all equally adaptable, stable and ergonomic in design. 

          The scissor lift table is often used as a means for material handling directly on the production floor or as a lorry loader outdoors at a loading dock. With a variety of performances and models, not to mention a load capacity from 500 to 10.000 kilos, there is a scissor lift table for every need. It is not just different industrial companies that are major users of our scissor lift tables - we also deliver to distribution centres, warehouses, stores and other service establishments.

          All models in the single scissor lift table group that start with T (T models) can be customized to the end-users specific requirements. A single scissor lift table can be supplied in a variety of different colors, with an array of different accessories or control alternatives all designed to suit the individual requirements of the customer. A number of models can be of the heavy-duty variety suitable for use in intensive operations. The functionality of the single scissor lift tables can be increased with the help of a number of accessories. Examples of such accessories within the product group are: mobile base, load flaps, guard rails, roller conveyors and turntables.

          Before deciding which scissor lift table and design is required, consider all conditions that it will be operating under. Most models for intensive use can be manufactured in HD-version. The technical data for each model can be found on this site.


          Product features

          • Single scissor lift table load capacity from 200 kg to 10 000 kg.
          • Single scissor lift table platform length from 900 mm to 5000 mm in standard model.
          • Comprehensive program of accessories and options for customization of the single scissor lift tables.
          • Complies with European safety standard EN 1570-1 - CE certified.
          • 24 V DC control unit and operating device with deadman's switch.
          • Safety spacing between all moving parts of the lift table.
          • IP54 approved electrical system.
          • Overload protection.
          • Adjustable trap prevention safety trip bars on all four sides of the platform.
          • The single scissor lift table is equipped with hose burst valves and mechanical locks for servicing and maintenance.
          • Maintenance-free bearing surface.
          • PLC control with possibility to program various functions is included for the standard model.
          • User manual in 20 different languages.
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          This product table covers our standard products
          If you can't find a product suitable for your needs, please contact us for a customized solution.

          Popular products

          Lift Tables - Single Scissor

          Our largest product group is made up of simple, yet powerful and versatile scissor lift tables. 

          Model Art nr Capacity (kg) Lift stroke (mm) Lowest height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Lifting time (sec) kW Weight pack. incl. (kg) Price
          TL 1000 34964 1000 820 180 1300 700 15 0,75 185
          TL 1000B 32920 1000 820 180 1300 800 15 0,75 190
          TL 1000XB 32925 1000 820 180 1300 1000 15 0,75 210
          TL 2000 22010 2000 820 200 1300 800 17 1,50 237
          TL 2000B 22011 2000 820 200 1300 1000 17 1,50 249
          TL 3000 33560 3000 820 250 1300 800 26 1,50 300
          TM 1000 32970 1000 1100 180 1700 700 27 0,75 260
          TM 1500 22012 1500 1100 230 1700 1000 17 1,50 311
          TM 1500B 33145 1500 1100 230 1700 1200 17 1,50 337
          TM 3000 33180 3000 1100 250 1700 900 27 1,50 386
          TM 6000 33810 6000 1100 300 1700 900 32 3,00 550
          TA 1000 33335 1000 1300 200 2000 800 16 1,50 300
          TA 2000 34230 2000 1300 230 2000 900 30 1,50 400
          TA 4000 33860 4000 1300 350 2000 1200 27 3,00 650
          TS 2001 606524 2000 1500 250 2200 1200 27 1,50 542
          TS 2001B 610969 2000 1500 250 2200 1500 27 1,50 598
          TS 4000 33430 4000 1500 350 2200 1200 27 3,00 700
          TS 4000B 33440 4000 1500 350 2200 1500 27 3,00 770
          TT 3000 32662 3000 1700 300 2500 1300 27 3,00 705
          TP 3000 514564 3000 2000 400 3000 1500 38 3,00 1160
          TB 2000 22253 2000 1000 220 1500 1000 26 1,50 260
          TB 2000B 22254 2000 1000 220 1500 1200 26 1,50 280
          TL 1001B 33024 1000 820 180 1200 800 15 0,75 180
          TL 2000XB 512633 2000 820 200 1300 1200 17 1,50 275
          TR 501 609945 500 600 160 900 700 12 0,37 140
          TR 1002 608179 1000 600 160 900 700 22 0,37 145
          TL 1000H 613230 1000 930 180 1350 800 15 0,75 214
          TB 4000 89029 4000 900 300 1500 1200 21 2,20 350
          TS 6000 89031 6000 1300 400 2200 1200 35 3,00 750
          TS 6000B 89032 6000 1300 400 2200 1500 35 3,00 800
          TT 4000 89030 4000 1600 400 2500 1500 41 3,00 570
          TT 6001 89033 6000 1600 450 2500 1200 41 3,00 800
          TP 5000 89028 5000 2000 400 3000 1500 50 3,00 1050
          TP 10000 89027 10000 1500 600 3000 2000 41 5,50 1800

          Need to move cars indoors? No problem for TO 4000!

          Our single scissor lift table TO 4000 makes it easy to move heavy objects between floors in a tight space.

          The square meter price on land keeps increasing around the world, which causes companies to find smart solutions in order to keep down their costs. An industry where this has been a reoccurring problem is for car retailers, which has led them to build their facilities vertically, with an increased number of floors that they show their cars on. In the Czech Republic a customer needed help to find a solution to be able to move cars between different floors. Our Czech distributor RPJ International installed a lift table of the model TO 4000 equipped with wings on the sides to achieve maximum width. Now, the customer can easily move cars between the different floors and quickly redo the interior of their shop. 



          Single scissor lift tables with roller conveyor on top

          A small "army" of custom-made TL 1000s increases the effectiveness of a production line.

          In order for one of our customers to get a more effective production line, we installed lift tables of the model TL 1000 in their production facilities. The lift tables have custom-made platforms with roller conveyors on top of them. The lift tables allow pallets to get up to the correct height in order for wood pieces to be stacked on them, and then be rolled along the production line. Today, the facility has 70 units like the ones in the photos.



          Park your car underground with the TF 3000

          How does limited parking space and lift tables go together? Here's how!

          As urbanization continues to grow a consequence of it is that it becomes more cars in cities. A challenge for people living in cities is to find a place to park. To tackle this problem our English distributor EdmoLift UK delivered a solution to a customer in Great Britain in shape of a single scissor lift table of the model TF 3000. The lift table works as a garage with adjustable height, where a car can be lowered beneath ground level and therefore do not occupy space. A big plus is that it also drastically increases protection against break-ins and theft.


          EdmoLift UK

          Adjust the loading dock to different models of trucks

          Trucks come in different sizes and models which can cause trouble during the loading and unloading of cargo. But don't worry, we have a smart solution for this.

          A distribution warehouse in England were having issues when trucks of different models were loading cargo. The different types of trucks had different heights, which made the work at the loading dock slow, heavy and risky. The solution to the problem was provided by our English distributor EdmoLift UK that installed two single scissor lift tables of the model TV 10000 at the loading docks. Now, when loading the cargo, the operator can adjust the height to be in line with the receiving truck.


          EdmoLift UK

          Custom-made lift tables TL 2000 for custom-made pallets

          Although our standard range of products often gets the job done, our customers are sometimes in need of some additional creativity to our smart lifting solutions.

          To enable easier handling of engine components in custom-made pallets a customer in Great Britain asked our English distributor EdmoLift UK if they had any ideas? And of course they had ideas! Custom-made, single scissor lift tables of the model TL 2000 with widened scissors,  special designed platforms with turntables on top, and truck handling chassis that enables the lift tables to be moved by fork lift trucks between the different loading stations became the solution to the customer's unique situation.


          EdmoLift UK

          Lift table at the heart of a car showroom

          The possibility to move cars between floors is key if your showroom has multiple levels. And our single scissor lift table of the model TF 3000 allows you to do it without any hassle!

          Our Dutch distributor Lift Quality installed a single scissor lift table of the model TF 3000 in a car showroom in the Netherlands. The lift table allows cars to be moved between two floors in a safe and easy way.








          Lift Quality

          Optimized height for reparations

          Service of wheelchairs is made easier if the wheelchair is at good working height.

          When an object is being repaired it is highly relevant that it is placed in a way that allows the repairman to have proper access to it. This, so that the repairman can perform the repair quickly and effective but at the same time spare the repairman from any injuries that can occur during reparations in inaccessible angles. In the pictures you see two lift tables of the model CL 1000 (now changed to CL 1001) that helps the repairman to lift a wheelchair to an ergonomic height. Faster and more effective repairs in an ergonomic way, plain and simple!


          Multi-compatible solution for loading dock

          A problem that can occur for many companies is during the loading/unloading of goods at the loading dock. We have a simple yet powerful solution for this. 

          Every year over 100 million tons of goods are being transported by delivery trucks in Sweden. A problem that can occur for companies when they are sending away or receiving goods is that there are multiple models on delivery trucks, and many of them lack a tail lift. A customer who had this problem contacted us at EdmoLift. The customer wanted, besides finding an easier way of handling ingoing and outgoing deliveries, also have the opportunity to go up and down with a four ton forklift at the loading dock. An exciting challenge that undoubtedly demanded a powerful solution!

          To make it possible to both handle large deliveries from different types of delivery trucks and move the heavy forklift we installed a single scissor lift table of the model TV 10000. It is a single scissor lift table with mechanical stops, reinforced platform and a lateral stability system. The table can handle up to five ton of wheel pressure in its lowered position, and the stability system makes the lift table steady when the truck drives on and off.




          Xtra large lift table installed at SATRA!

          The struggle of moving a 3 ton fork lift truck in and out of their testing facility is now a thing of the past for SATRA Technology.

          SATRA is a quality testing facility for consumer products before they get put on the market. Typical items that are tested every day include furniture, hand tools, clothing, electronic goods, etc., that have been manufactured anywhere in the world. Therefore, this customer knows a quality product when they see it.

          With so many different products being delivered to SATRA they use a large fork lift truck that weighs 3000Kgs to move deliveries from their yard into their testing facility. The problem that they had was that the truck could not get into the actual building, so the products had to be moved by hand from the truck at the last step. This was both time consuming and strenuous for the workers who was involved in picking up and carrying the products between the truck and the facility.

          In search for a solution, SATRA contacted EdmoLift. After close consultation between EdmoLift AB and Edmolift UK Ltd, a tailor-made single scissor lift table of the model TA 4000 was created for SATRA’s testing facility to suit an existing pit so that no further civil works were necessary. The lift is supplied with an auto rise stop to prevent the fork lift accidentally rolling off the elevated lift, and automatic shot bolts to lock the platform height while the fork lift drives between lift platform and internal floor. Sheeted in side handrails and lift up barrier arms ensure that no persons are at risk of falling over the edge of the dock or off the edge of the elevated scissor lift. A high quality lift to a high quality organization!



          EdmoLift UK

          Lift tables improves the assembly at Medireva

          Single scissor lift tables CL 1001 can improve the productivity, quantity and quality of your production. 

          Medireva is a well-known Dutch company specialized in medical equipment for disabled people. In their new workshop located in Maastricht, Netherlands, custom-made chairs which have the function of enabling disabled people to get in and out of their chairs more easily, are produced. However, as the chairs are both large and heavy, it was difficult for the people in production to put all of the different parts together during the assembly-stage.

          To get around the problem, they contacted EdmoLift to find a solution. What we did was that we installed four scissor lift tables of the model CL 1001 on the floor in their assembly area. Because of this the operator is able to place the wheelchairs’ onto the lift table and lift them up to the desired height, which makes the work more comfortable, and at the same time generates better results in terms of productivity, quantity and quality of the assembly workers.



          Lift Quality

          Lift designed to blend into its environment

          Sometimes you want to improve your facility without making the improvement stand out. This was the case when we developed a wheelchair-solution at the entrance of a large international bank. 

          In today’s world, customers search for products that are designed to meet their unique needs. Therefore, it is highly relevant that companies are able to supply unique solutions that fit the customers’ demands. At EdmoLift we often get questions about developing solutions that are specific to a customer’s operations. An example of this was when one of the largest European banks in Great Britain was looking to install a lift for disabled people at their headquarters. As one of the requirements was that the lift needed to be in line with the current architecture of the bank, we worked closely with the building’s architect. The result was that a single scissor lift table of the model TA 2000 with railings in brush finished stainless steel and frameless glass gates and barriers was developed and are nowadays installed in the reception at the bank’s headquarters.


          EdmoLift UK