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          • Specifications
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          Model WP 90S SS Q
          Art. No. 87761
          Capacity 90 kg
          Platform max height 1008 mm
          Lowest height 83 mm
          Length 746 mm
          Width 550 mm
          Height 1221 mm
          Platform length 495 mm
          Platform width 495 mm
          Lifting time 100/200 mm/sec
          Battery 24V/7,2Ah
          Charger 1,8A/24V
          Weight pack. incl. 41 kg

          Work Positioners – Stainless Steel

          The lifting trolleys in the stainless steel series effectively handle weights of up to 300 kg and is designed with the best ergonomics and flexibility in mind. The entire series can be specially adapted to suit your specific needs.

          The models WP 90 SS, 200 SS and 300 SS are designed in AISI 304 stainless steel and are IP66 classified, which makes them completely immersible. The WP 70 SS models are semi-stainless with mast in aluminium, leg and handle in stainless steel. These models cannot be flushed.

          The products are designed for use in confined spaces. By handling heavy loads with a lifting motion where as little muscle power as possible is used, the risk of injuries caused by repetitive lifting, moving and handling of heavy objects is minimised.

          The lifting trolleys in the stainless series distinguish themselves with its versatile adaption options, robust design and outstanding manoeuvrability.

          Control unit
          WP 90 SS, 200 SS and 300 SS models are equipped with soft start and stop as well as control unit with two speeds.

          Mast and lift function
          The mast has a stainless steel sledge with precision ball bearings, the lifting trolleys are fitted with strong energy-efficient 24VDC motors and powered by a steel reinforced belt that does not need any special maintenance.

          All parts are shielded. The lift has overload protection and safety circuit. The lifters are supplied with a smart charger which automatically stops charging the battery once it is fully charged.

           Product features

          • Electro polished stainless steel and semi-stainless models

          • The market’s fastest lifting speed – 125 and 200 mm/second

          • Outstanding manoeuvrability

          • Soft start and stop

          • Silent operation

          • Wide range of tools and options such as platforms, reel handlers, v-cradles, control units and leg frames.

          • Operationally reliable - steel reinforced belt instead of chain.

          • Two lifting speeds, WP 90 SS, 200 SS and 300 SS

          Plastic platform

          Platform in PEHD, standard platform for WP 70 SS and WP 90 SS. Measurements: length 495 mm, width 495 mm. Available in other dimensions.

          Plastic platform with 3 load rollers

          Platform in PEHD with load rollers on all sides of the platform. Measurements: length 495 mm, width 495 mm.

          Reel mandrel with front roller and V-cradle

          The V-cradle is rotatable and can easily be removed. When the V-cradle is attached the tool can handle reels up to ∅600 mm. Load capacity up to 60 kg

          Stainless steel platform + V-cradle

          Rotatable V-cradle in PEHD, LxWxH 340x290x80 mm. Stainless steel platform, LxW 500x400 mm. Max width of reel ∅600 mm. Load capacity 90 kg

          Reel handler in stainless steel with +-15° swing

          The Reel handler is used for handling reels with 3” (76 mm) core, commonly stretch film to be loaded into machines. The reel can be picked up directly from the floor or a pallet and then be rotated 90°. The tool is equipped with a security clutch preventing the reel from being dropped accidently. Depending on Work Positioner the tool handles weights up to 100 kg, adjustable sideways +- 15°.

          Mandrel enlarger

          Used in combination with reel handlers. Available in two sizes, for reels with 6” (152 mm) core and for reels with 10” (254 mm) core. The mandrel enlarger is designed for quick mounting and un-mounting.

          Stainless steel platform

          Standard platform for WP 200 SS, length 500 mm, width 400 mm and WP 300 SS, length 500 mm, width 500 mm. Available in other dimensions.

          Reel mandrel in stainless steel

          Length 500 mm, Ø60 mm, available in other dimensions.

          Twin mandrel in stainless steel

          Length 500 mm, c-c 250 mm, available in other dimensions.

          Lifting fork in stainless steel

          Internal measurements: length 585 mm, width 375 mm. Available in other dimensions.