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          Get started in three easy steps

          STEP 1 
          Attach the legs
          STEP 2 
          Attach the handle
          STEP 3 
          Attach the platform and the WP ONE is ready to go


          Model WP ONE
          Art. No. 89503
          Capacity 70 kg
          Lift stroke 1385 mm
          Length 841 mm
          Width 494 mm
          Height 1700 mm
          Platform length 418 mm
          Platform width 434 mm
          Lifting time 125 mm/sec
          Battery 24V 7,5Ah
          Charger 2A/24V
          Weight pack. incl. 30 kg

          Work Positioner - WP ONE

          The WP ONE has been masterfully designed to fit the most common and important usage areas and at the same time be offered at a very low price. The WP ONE allows the operator to place, position, move and remove the load in a simple, safe and sturdy fashion. The WP ONE comes with the best-selling wooden platform, made of marine plywood, and has countless areas of usage in almost any setting. The WP ONE is delivered in one single cardboard box. You just take it out, follow the few simple steps in the quick guide and you have your WP ONE up and running in no time. We keep the WP ONE in storage, always ready for instant delivery!


          Box content

          • Mast with motor
          • Handle with control unit
          • Wooden platform
          • Legs
          • Charger
          • Assembly kit for easy self-assembly with 12 fasteners
          • User manual
          • Quick guide

          Packaging - Work Positioner - WP ONE

          Box measurements: LxWxH 1665 mm x 445 mm x 215 mm

          Wooden platform

          Platform in marine plywood, standard platform for WP ONE. Measurements: length 418 mm, width 434 mm.

          Reel mandrel

          Length 500 mm, 40x40 mm, available in other dimensions.

          Canister tipper 25 liter

          Designed for standard size 15, 20 and 25 liter canisters. The canister is attached to the carrying handle with a hook. Lifts and rotates the canister to empty its content. Rotation 360° with adjustable interval of 30° or 90°. Lift capacity 40 kg.