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          Pallet Leveller PL 2002


          Automatic work level adjustment!

          Pallet leveller PL 2002 is a highly reliable automatic load leveller that provides a practical approach to faster, easier and safer loading or unloading of pallets. The Pallet Leveller is adjustable by regulating the pneumatic charge. Once set the Pallet Leveller automatically maintains the top of the load to the proper and most ideal elevation to eliminate the repetitive motion of bending, reaching and twisting - the major cause of lower back disorders.

          The new PL 2002 offers workers complete 360° access to loads. All of its components are contained within the diameter of the turntable ring. There are no protrusions, projections or obstructions, so reach-over zones are eliminated.

          Product features

          • Heavy-duty reinforced airbag automatically adjusts as boxes are added or removed from pallets, keeping loads at a convenient, comfortable working height.
          • Low-friction turntable spins easily for nearside loading and unloading.
          • Extremely stable base - no lagging required.
          • Ideal for use with non-uniform loads or loads of varying weights.
          • Portable: requires no electrical power. Simply inflate the airbag with shop air or a portable compressor and use it anywhere.
          • Integral fork channels for easy relocation.
          • The top layer is maintained in the 750 to 1000 mm recommended ideal work height envelope.


          1. Low-friction turntable spins easely for nearside loading and unloading

          2. Easily accessible air outlet

          3. Air bag fully protected

          4. Integral fork channels for easy relocation



          PL 2002
          Full access 360°


          Competitive Models
          Limited access


          When viewed from the top, the ergonomic advantage of the PL 2002 is obvious. The green area shows where workers can stand with unencumbered 360° access to loads.


          Competitive units have obstructions that significantly reduce worker access to loads.





          PL 2002

          Art. No.



          150 - 2000 kg

          Lift stroke

          464 mm

          Lowest height

          241 mm


          1110 mm


          1110 mm

          Total height

          705 mm


          1100 mm


          220 kg incl. pack. 


          PL 2002 equipped with truck handling chassis

          PL 2002 equipped with protective bellow



          Pallet Leveller PL 2002
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          Pallet Leveller PL 2002

          Pallet Levellers are simple deveices that automatically maintains the top of the load at the ideal ergonomic level for manual loading and unloading. 

          Model Art. No. Capacity (kg) Lift stroke (mm) Lowest height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Total height (mm) Turntable (mm) Weight pack. incl. (kg) Price
          86944 150-2000 464 241 1110 1110 705 1110 220