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          Model TST 2000
          Art. No. 33780
          Capacity 2000 kg
          Lift stroke 4500 mm
          Lowest height 700 mm
          Length 2200 mm
          Width 1200 mm
          Lifting time 80 sec
          kW (S3) 3,5
          Weight pack. incl. 1120 kg

          Controls and test runs in our assembly

          At EdmoLift, we take pride in delivering smart solutions and knowing that we have done everything in our power to ensure that our customers get what they need. This is done through our quality assurance process. 

          Lift Tables - Vertical Double & Triple Scissors

          Simply put, EdmoLift's scissor lift tables with vertical double & triple scissors are created by equipping a single scissor lift table with a number of scissor arms assembled vertically on top of each other. This allows the user to get access to a higher height range compared to what is possible with a single scissor lift table.

          EdmoLift's vertical double and triple scissor lift tables can be used as working platforms, pallet stackers, work tables, lifts and lifts for disabled persons, to name a few applications. Compared to a traditional lift solution, EdmoLift's vertical double and triple scissor lift tables provide a rational and cost effective solution. 

          With a variety of designs and models, load capacity of between 200 kilo and 5 metric tons and a lift range from 1170 mm to 5900mm, EdmoLift can offer a very large selection of scissor lift tables. The double- & triple scissor lift tables are available in different colors, with a range of different accessories or control units - all tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer. Most models are even available in heavy duty versions if intensive operations are planned for them.

          Greater functionality can be achieved with the help of various accessories. A few examples of accessories for this product group are various chassis frames, guard rails, gates, loading flaps, limit switches, as well as different types of control unit.

          Before deciding which model and design is required, consider all aspects and conditions that the table will be operating under. Most models can be manufactured in HD-versions if they are going to be used intensively. The technical data for each model can be found on this site.


          Product features

          • Scissor lift table load capacity max 5000 kg.
          • Scissor lift table platform length from 900 mm to 5000 mm for the standard design.
          • Lift range max 5900 mm.
          • Comprehensive accessory program with possibilities for tailor-made customer solutions.
          • Complies with European safety standard EN 1570-1 - CE certified.
          • 24 V DC control unit and operating device with deadman's switch.
          • IP54 approved electrical system.
          • Safety spacing between all moving parts of the lift table.
          • Overload protection.
          • Adjustable trap prevention safety trip bars on all four sides of the platform.
          • Scissor lift tables are equipped with hose burst valves and mechanical locks for servicing and maintenance.
          • Maintenance-free bearing surface.
          • PLC control for easy adaptation for individual requirements.
          • User manual in 20 different languages.
          Truck handling chassis

          Enables the lift table to be easily transported with a forklift or hand pallet truck.

          Chequered aluminium platform

          Non slip, non rust surface.

          Tear plate platform

          The tear plate platform minimizes the risk for cargo to slip from the table surface. The tear plate platforms are recommended for tables located outdoors.

          Limit switch

          The limit switch is adjustable and stops the lift at a pre-set height. Select the upper or lower limit, and whether there should be a function for passing the limit.

          Loadflap hydraulic

          For bridging the gap between the lift table and loading dock or vehicle. Hydraulic operated. This option is mainly used on lorry loaders.

          Loadflap manual

          For bridging the gap between the lift table and loading dock or vehicle. Manually operated. This option is mainly used on lorry loaders.

          Mechanical stops

          Used to fix and remove load from the table when it is driven over in the bottom position and when adjusting the height to meet roller belts.

          Guard rail

          A 1100 mm high rail with a mid-rail and a 150 mm high toe kick-plate is a recommended option when the lift table is used by persons or as a goods lift between levels.

          Guard rail with gate

          It is usually combined with the barrier rails and can be supplied with either electrical or mechanical locking or both.

          External power pack with steel cover

          Provides extra protection in exposed environments. Also provides protection if there is a risk for falling objects hitting the power pack.

          Foot control unit

          A very good solution when you must have both hands free.

          Lifting eyebolts

          Makes installation, transportation easier and safer. Some units requrire a larger platform. *Some units requrire a larger platform.

          Turntable circular

          The circular turntable is a great accessory to add to your EdmoLift lift table as it makes the handling of an object much easier and ergonomic. With the circular turntable, the operator rarely has to move as it is possible to rotate an object 360 degrees. However, the turntable has four positional locks (holes) that makes it possible to fixate the turntable in four different positions. The circular turntable is either recessed or integrated in the lift table top. The circular turntable can also be delivered as recessed into a secondary table top, which is fitted and leveled to the main scissor lift platform.

          Turntable rectangular

          Fitted on the lift table top and includes an inductive sensor to avoid trapping risks. Rectangular surface bolted to the main scissor lift platform. The unit has safety spacing and electro-interlocked to the lift travel to reduce the risk of trapping an operator.

          Roller conveyor

          Roller conveyor or another conveyor type is often utilised in production systems where different levels need to be reaced. *Always state the goods length and weight for the best solution.

          Rail running chassis

          Level differences in a track bound transportation system can be simply eliminated by utilising a flange wheel base frame. This equipment can be supplied with or without powered drive unit. The easiest way to cope with a difference in level in a track bound transportation system is to equip a lifting table with flanged wheels. The base can be an unpowered bogie or can be fitted with a drive unit for self-propulsion.

          Reinforced platform

          Gives additional support to the table. Also includes mechanical stops in base frame.

          Tipping protection

          Helps to stabilize the lift table. Minimizes the risk for the lift table to hinge upward. The accessory is recommended if the platform extension is over 10 %!

          Protective wire mesh

          Protects the table from dust, dirt and debris in exposed environments. The lift table can be enclosed in a chain mesh curtain to reduce the risk of injury or entrapment. The chain mesh curtain is also a useful protection against mechanical damage. *Requires an extended platform +75 mm on each side for fitting.

          Protective bellow

          The bellows are suitable for weather proofing the equipment in an outdoor environment. *Requires an extended platform +75 mm on each side for fitting.

          Protective skirt

          The skirt are suitable for weather proofing the equipment in an outdoor environment. *Requires an extended platform +75 mm on each side for fitting.

          Inspection hatch

          Provides access to the power pack when the lift table is fully closed.

          Roll-Off Guard

          Designed to prevent accidential roll off from the platform when the table starts to elevate. *Demands extension of the platform length +150 mm.

          Heavy duty execution

          Fitted with additional features for tables intended for intensive operation.

          Auto-leveling electrics with photocells

          Automatic lifting and lowering of the lift table.


          In a rigid and durable wooden casing, in order to allow multiple handling and a safe arrival of the goods. Our product packaging is also available in a “classified version“ in compliance with ISPM 15.