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Lift tables and lifting solutions

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          • Specifications
          • Product information
          Model TM 1500SS
          Art. No. 612256
          Capacity 1500 kg
          Lift stroke 1100 mm
          Lowest height 230 mm
          Length 1700 mm
          Width 900 mm
          Lifting time 27 sec
          kW (S3) 0,75
          Weight pack. incl. 315 kg

          Lift Tables in Stainless Steel

          EdmoLift’s stainless scissor lift tables and lift trolleys are suitable for use in industries that set high requirements of hygiene, such as chemical, food, slaughtering and pharmaceutical industries. Our stainless lift table is made of material with high quality. The platform, base frame and scissors are stainless, in accordance with standard AISI 304/EN 1.4301 (SS 2333). A steel with very high corrosion resistance.

          Axles, wheels and bolts are stainless, in accordance with standard AISI 303 / EN 1.4305 - a steel with high corrosion resistance. Nipples and pipes are of electro-zinc plated standard quality. Wheels are of stainless steel / polyurethane.

          As standard a cylinder type 2 with extra surface treatment is included as well as the piston rod which comes in stainless steel. The piston tube is sandblasted, primed and painted with two coats of polyurethane 2-component paint. 

          Nipples are electro-zinc plated.

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          Quotes provided for selectable cylinders

          Cylinder type 1: regular surface treatment with polyurethane 2-component paint. Nipples are electro-zinc plated.

          Cylinder type 3 in stainless steel: cylinder of AISI 316/EN 1.4401 (SS 2347), piston rod of AISI 329/EN 1.4460, cylinder tube in AISI 420/ EN 1.4031, nipples of AISI 316/EN 1.4401 (SS 2347).



          • Pressure compensating lowering valve. 
          • Safety trip bar on all sides.
          • Maintenance safety bars for service.
          • Power supply: 3 x 415 V/50Hz + earth + 0. 
          • Control voltage 24 V DC. 
          • Electric box: IP 65. 
          • Switches: IP 65. 
          • Motor: IP 54.
          • Filter system: Filter on oil tank and on oil return side.
          • Noise level: 50-52 dB.
          • The products are CE marked and conform to the basic requirements of the lifting table standard EN 1570-1.


          Stainless steel vertical double scissors
          A lift table with several scissor units mounted vertically makes it possible to achieve a higher lift movement than what is possible with a single scissor.

          Low profile lift tables in stainless steel 
          EdmoLift’s stainless lift table TUB 1000 has a very low profile, which makes pit mounting superfluous. With a regular pallet trolley, the pallet can easily be loaded directly on the U-shaped platform. The lift tables can easily be moved for cleaning or for reorganizing in the production. Our series of low profile lift tables is specially adapted for load pallets. 

          Stainless steel scissor lift trolley 
          Stable lifting trolleys with large, freely running wheels and double brakes on the rear pivoting wheels.