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Lift tables and lifting solutions

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          • Specifications
          • Product information
          Model TM 1000
          Art. No. 32970
          Capacity 1000 kg
          Lift stroke 1100 mm
          Lowest height 180 mm
          Length 1700 mm
          Width 700 mm
          Lifting time 27 sec
          kW (S3) 0,95
          Weight pack. incl. 260 kg

          Lift Tables - Single Scissor

          Our largest product group is made up of simple, yet powerful and versatile scissor lift tables. These scissor lift tables can be found in many different types operations, all equally adaptable, stable and ergonomic in design. 

          The scissor lift table is often used as a means for material handling directly on the production floor or as a lorry loader outdoors at a loading dock. With a variety of performances and models, not to mention a load capacity from 500 to 10.000 kilos, there is a scissor lift table for every need. It is not just different industrial companies that are major users of our scissor lift tables - we also deliver to distribution centres, warehouses, stores and other service establishments.

          All models in the single scissor lift table group that start with T (T models) can be customized to the end-users specific requirements. A single scissor lift table can be supplied in a variety of different colors, with an array of different accessories or control alternatives all designed to suit the individual requirements of the customer. A number of models can be of the heavy-duty variety suitable for use in intensive operations. The functionality of the single scissor lift tables can be increased with the help of a number of accessories. Examples of such accessories within the product group are: mobile base, load flaps, guard rails, roller conveyors and turntables.

          Before deciding which scissor lift table and design is required, consider all conditions that it will be operating under. Most models for intensive use can be manufactured in HD-version. The technical data for each model can be found on this site.


          Product features

          • Single scissor lift table load capacity from 200 kg to 10 000 kg.
          • Single scissor lift table platform length from 900 mm to 5000 mm in standard model.
          • Comprehensive program of accessories and options for customization of the single scissor lift tables.
          • Complies with European safety standard EN 1570-1 - CE certified.
          • 24 V DC control unit and operating device with deadman's switch.
          • Safety spacing between all moving parts of the lift table.
          • IP54 approved electrical system.
          • Overload protection.
          • Adjustable trap prevention safety trip bars on all four sides of the platform.
          • The single scissor lift table is equipped with hose burst valves and mechanical locks for servicing and maintenance.
          • Maintenance-free bearing surface.
          • PLC control with possibility to program various functions is included for the standard model.
          • User manual in 20 different languages.