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Lift tables and lifting solutions

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          • Specifications
          • Product information
          Model Logico Up-1
          Art. No. 90200
          Capacity 600 kg
          Max travel 7 m
          Number of stops, max 5
          Platform depth 1100 mm
          Platform width 1440 mm
          Needed space for installation 1580x1780 mm
          Min headroom 2300 mm
          Lifting speed 150 mm/sec
          Motor 2,2 kW
          Power supply 3/400V

          Goods lifts

          High quality and versatile goods lifts used to handle lifting between levels. Developed to be applicable to almost every product sector, from small commercial activities to logistics and large-scale distribution, up to the manufacturing industry. The goods lifts cater to various industries and can be customised for your needs. 

          The UP-series is suitable for industrial plants among others. Lifting capacity 300 Kgs to 2500 Kgs.

          The DL-series is suitable for transit and transport of heavy load with a vehicle accompanied by the operator. Lifting capacity 3000 Kgs to 5000 Kgs.

          The UPRT-series has retractable roof for walking or driving over while in bottom position. Lifting capacity 300 Kgs to 2000 Kgs.

          The Logico UP has a self-supporting system allowing it to be installed in any site and location. Lifting capacity 600 Kgs.

          Product features

          • Lifting height up to 16 meters.
          • Lifting capacities from 300 kgs to 5000 kgs
          • Operator on board available for all models (accessory)
          • Complies with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC - CE certified
          • Models for indoor and outdoor usage
          • High quality construction with the highest safety standards
          • All models can be customised
          • Wide range of accessories