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          Goods Lifts

          EdmoLift’s goods lift is used to handle heavy lifting between one or many levels. The powerful design enables a maximum lifting height of up to 10 meters, while the lift does not have to be installed in a pit.

          The goods lift can be mounted on to an existing wall or in a stand-alone shaft with interlock doors. The lift is equipped with an external power pack.

          As a standard, the lift’s control system contains two stops that are installed on separate smooth start- and stop motions, two control units placed on the loading- and unloading floors, and top- and bottom position limits.

          All goods lifts are available for delivery in lift height intervals of 1 meter up a maximum of 10 meters as standard.



          • Lifting height up to 10 meters.
          • External power pack - no need for an engine room.
          • The design makes the goods lift flexible and easy to place.
          • Fast and smooth installation.
          • Advantageously spacious.
          • For indoor- and outdoor usage.


          Goods lift - for both indoor and outdoor environments
          • Technical data

          This product table covers our standard products
          If you can't find a product suitable for your needs, please contact us for a customized solution.

          Popular products
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          Goods lifts - single mast


          Goods lifts with capacities up to 5000 kg and platform sizes up to 3x6 meters are available on request.
          Contact EdmoLift for more information.

          Guard rail with protective steel towards the mast is included, additional guard rails, gates and ramps are optional.

          Model Art. No. Capacity (kg) Lift height (mm) Lowest height - C (mm) Platform width min/max - A (mm) Platform depth max - B (mm) Price
          5420001 1000 3000 150 1000/2800 2000
          5420004 1000 6000 150 1000/2800 2000
          5420008 1000 10000 150 1000/2800 2000
          5420009 1500 3000 150 1000/2800 2000
          5420012 1500 6000 150 1000/2800 2000
          5420016 1500 10000 150 1000/2800 2000
          5420017 2000 3000 150 1000/2800 2000
          5420020 2000 6000 150 1000/2800 2000
          5420024 2000 10000 150 1000/2800 2000