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Lift tables and lifting solutions

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          Car Lift Tables

          For years, this solution has provided car dealers with the opportunity to overcome the obvious hinder that moving cars between different floors implies. With the adapted construction, the car lift table is perfect for being able to quickly adjust and rearrange the interior of multiple-level showrooms.

          For private use it is primarily the intelligent storage possibility beneath the surface that characterizes the car lift table, as it doubles the usable area and simultaneously grant an unmatchable shelter of security that prevents break-ins and car thefts. All car lift table models include complete standard steering with one push button box.

          The car lift tables cannot be used as traditional lift tables. The platform’s construction in terms of profiles, thickness, etc. is designed for cars only.



          • Lift capacities from 2000 kg up to 5000 kg.
          • Lift stroke up to 7 meters.
          • Anti-slip platform in tear plate.
          • Mechanical adjustable stops in the base frame.
          • Lifting eye bolts.
          • Lift platform lengths from 5000 mm to 7500 mm.
          Car lift tables
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          This product table covers our standard products
          If you can't find a product suitable for your needs, please contact us for a customized solution.

          Popular products

          Car lift tables - Single Scissor

          Our car lift tables can be quoted in many dimensions, capacities and different configurations, contact EdmoLift for more information.

          Model Art. No. Capacity (kg) Lift stroke (mm) Lowest height (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Lifting time (sec) kW Weight pack. incl. (kg) Price
          606550 4500 3500 590 5000 2400 63 7,5 3100