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          • Specifications
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          Model CR 500
          Art. No. 36473
          Capacity 500 kg
          Lift stroke 600 mm
          Lowest height 160 mm
          Length 900 mm
          Width 600 mm
          Lifting time 12 sec
          kW (S3) 0,55
          Weight pack. incl. 110 kg

          C-Series - Scissor Lift Tables And Trolleys

          EdmoLift’s C-series scissor lift tables and trolleys has been developed to provide unrivalled value for money! Many of the essential components, including the hydraulics, are identical to those found in our T-series. These products have a powder coat finish to guarantee a hardwearing surface.

          With a variety of applications and models, lift capacity from 200 kg to two metric tons and a lift range from 600 mm to 1170 mm, we can offer a wide range of scissor lift tables in the C-series.

          Models in the C-series can only be manufactured as standard and cannot be customised or adapted to perform special operations. The functionality of the product can, however, be increased with accessories such as a forklift frame or mobile base frame. The hydraulic power pack can be provided in 1- or 3 phase execution.

          EdmoLift’s C-series is not designed to be used for continuous operations in a production line or similar.


          CZ Lift trolley

          EdmoLift’s C-series of lift trolleys provide excellent assistance to the working day. Stable, single and double scissors are an integral part of the range, with a load capacity between 150 kg and 500 kg and a table height from 920 mm to 1620 mm. These trolleys are delivered with large swivelling and easily manoeuvrable wheels with double brakes mounted on them.

          The lift trolleys are used wherever there is a need for lifting, assembly, transportation or where you require an adjustable working height. Perfect for simple material handling.

          And as always with our C.products - we guarantee unrivalled value for your money!

          The C-series is available on a 24-hour delivery service.


          Product features C-series scissor lift tables and trolleys

          • Scissor lift table load capacity up to 2400 kg.
          • Scissor lift table lift range from 600 mm to 1170 mm
          • Scissor lift table length from 900 mm to 3000 mm.
          • Complies with European safety standard EN 1570-1 – CE certified.
          • 24 V DC control unit and operating device with deadman’s switch.
          • IP54 approved electrical system.
          • Safety spacing between all moving parts of the scissor lift table.
          • Overload protection.
          • Adjustable trap prevention safety trip bars on all four sides of the platform.
          • The scissor lift table is equipped with hose burst valves and mechanical locks for service and maintenance.
          • User manual in 20 different languages.
          Wheel Chassis

          Provided with wheels the lift platform becomes a mobile. The trolley frame consists of two swivel braked caster wheels and two fixed wheels.

          Truck handling chassis

          Enables the lift table to be easily transported with a forklift or hand pallet truck.

          Limit switch

          The limit switch is adjustable and stops the lift at a pre-set height. Select the upper or lower limit, and whether there should be a function for passing the limit.

          Foot control unit

          A very good solution when you must have both hands free.


          In a rigid and durable wooden casing, in order to allow multiple handling and a safe arrival of the goods. Our product packaging is also available in a “classified version“ in compliance with ISPM 15.