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Work Positioners

Work Positioners operates with loads of up to 300 kg. Weight distribution is spread evenly over all four wheels and with the unit’s short wheelbase and light self-weight the Work Positioner is the safest and most maneuverable lifter on the market!

An improvement in the working environment resulting in greater profitability for your company.

The charger cannot overcharge the battery using an auto-cut-off function. The unit is suitable for most worldwide voltages.

Perfect weight distribution
Due to the lifting mast positioning at the rear of the chassis EdmoLift have achieved near perfect weight distribution providing unrivalled maneuverability. The 100% vertical mast eliminates problems such as platform drift found on other products.

Compact design
The WP features an extremely compact design which is also very easy to clean.

Leg frames
All models can be equipped with a variety of different leg frames, wider legs, narrow legs. Some models even have adjustable legs. 


 Product features

  • One- or two-speed function for elevation and descent (depending on model).
  • Battery charger with auto-cut-of-function.
  • Easily customised for your specific requirements - higher lift heights, wider leg frames etc.
  • Wide range of tools and options such as platforms, reel handlers, v-cradles, control units and leg frames.
  • IP66 models.
  • Fastest lifting speed on the market – 125 and 270 mm/second.
  • Load centre 400 mm.


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Work Positioners
Work Positioners
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