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Scissor Lift Tables - Vertical Double & Triple Scissor

By equipping a scissor lift table with a number of scissor arms assembled vertically on top of each other, the user gets access to a higher height range compared to what is possible with a single scissor lift table.

EdmoLift's vertical double and triple scissor lift tables can be used as working platforms, pallet stackers, work tables, lifts and lifts for disabled persons, to name a few applications. Compared to a traditional lift solution, EdmoLift's vertical double and triple scissor lift tables provide a rational and cost effective solution.

With a variety of designs and models, load capacity of between 200 kilo and 5 metric tons and a lift range from 1170 mm to 5900mm, we offer a very large selection. The lift tables are available in different colours, with a range of different accessories or control units - all tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer. Most models are even available in heavy duty versions if intensive operation is planned for them.

Greater functionality can be achieved with the help of various accessories. A few examples of accessories for this product group are various chassis frames, guard rails, gates, loading flaps, limit switches, as well as different types of control unit.

Before deciding which model and design is required consider all conditions. Most models for intensive use can be manufactured in HD-version. The technical data for each model can be found on this site.


Product features

  • Lift table load capacity max 5000 kg.
  • Lift table platform length from 900 mm to 5000 mm for the standard design.
  • Lift range max 5900 mm.
  • Comprehensive accessory program with possibilities for tailor-made customer solutions.
  • Complies with European safety standard EN 1570-1 - CE certified.
  • 24 V DC control unit and operating device with deadman's switch.
  • IP54 approved electrical system.
  • Safety spacing between all moving parts of the lift table.
  • Overload protection.
  • Adjustable trap prevention safety trip bars on all four sides of the platform.
  • Lift tables is equipped with hose burst valves and mechanical locks for servicing and maintenance.
  • Maintenance-free bearing surface.
  • PLC control for easy adaptation for individual requirements.
  • User manual in 20 different languages.
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